Pedrosa Confirm Race di MotoGP Le Mans 2015


Sobat RingPiston, Dani Pedrosa dipastikan akan ikut di Race akhir pekan ini MotoGP Le Mans Prancis. Kepastian ini HRC sendiri yang mengumumkan Via Press Release yang saya terima sore kemarin. Dengan kepastian ini, setidaknya ada titik cerah dari kegalauan HRC di 4 seri pembuka MotoGP 2015 pasca absennnya Dani Pedrosa di Seri kedua sampai ke empat .  .

Brikut tanggapan Kedua Rider Repsol Honda :

Marc Marquez | Championship Standing: 4th – 56 points

“Since Jerez we’ve been able to rest and now I’m feeling much stronger for this weekend. I visited Dr. Mir for a check up and my finger is definitely improving and healing well. I haven’t trained much this past week in order to give my finger a chance to restore back to 100%, which was our main goal. I like the Le Mans track, the weather is always changeable but last year it was really good and I took my first win in the MotoGP class, so let’s hope it’s the nice for us again this year!”

Dani Pedrosa | Championship Standing: 14th – 10 points

“I’ve been doing a lot of therapy in the past few weeks since the operation and I am improving step by step. I’m beginning to feel stronger and looking forward to getting back on the bike – after all, this is the best way to check the feeling after all the rehabilitation work. It will be good to get back to my team and catch up with them all after this time and of course to see all the fans in Le Mans, so let’s hope the weather is kind to us again like in 2014!”


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2 responses to “Pedrosa Confirm Race di MotoGP Le Mans 2015”

  1. revolver says :

    Syukur dh klo sdh balik. Hiroshi Aoyama tdk kompetitif untuk menggantikan posisi pedrosa di team repsol honda bersaing di motogp


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