Dorna launches new social-focused & mobile-ready motogp.com


The key feature of the new site is that it integrates news & stories from the entire MotoGP™ community, showcasing content from every official participant and every major social network together in one place. The result is a true homepage for MotoGP online where fans can instantly get up to speed on everything happening in the sport.

This greatly increased variety and volume of content is presented using a fully-responsive card-based web design, meaning fans can browse all the latest updates on the championship from their smart phone, tablet or desktop in a simple and clear device-specific format. A selection of filters make it easy to customise the feed to match areas of interest.

The new motogp.com homepage adopts a ‘newsfeed’ style layout and combines articles & videos from the Dorna Sports journalists with updates from all riders & teams from social networks around the web, including Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Another crucial new component of the new motogp.com is a totally redesigned VideoPass section and player, giving easy access to over 40,000 exclusive videos including full races, rider interviews, highlights and all the best action going all the way back to 1992. It’s now easier than ever for fans to keep up to date with the current season, or relive some of the best moments from MotoGP’s illustrious history on demand.

MotoGP fans have different content needs at different points throughout the season and the new motogp.com respects this. A dynamic homepage header will feature race schedules and past race content ahead of a GP, but the same space will highlight live timings and video during a race, then switch to show rider interviews and race summaries post GP.

Manel Arroyo, Managing Director of Media & TV at Dorna, said: “MotoGP is one of the most exciting and challenging sports there is, with some extremely committed athletes and participants. This new website lets us share the hard work done by riders, teams, sponsors & everyone involved with the world. By including more social and video content, we can let fans live the sport in the way the paddock does. A lot of thought has gone into the design and user experience of this new website – we’re giving the fans even more of the great videos and news content that they love in a package that’s easy to digest and customise. With over 40,000 videos, detailed circuit guides & up-to-the-minute news and results, the new motogp.com is the whole package.”

To experience the new website for yourself, please visit www.motogp.com


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