Alarm in Nicky Hayden’s team: sponsor quit unexpectedly


24 hours prior to the start of the 2015 season the GP paddock was shocked by the news about of two MotoGP teams loosing there main sponsor; one of them is Nicky Hayden’s Team Aspar.

The story went public the day before the start of the 2015 season, but the team was conscious of the situation around one month ago, when Jorge Martinez “Aspar” was informed by e-mail from Drive, that the company had decided to quit unilaterally existing sponsor agreement with Team Aspar. Last Wednesday afternoon the team members did eliminate any rest of Drive7 names from their box walls and bike fairings while all their clothing had to be improvised. On the rider’s leathers the brand was covered with tape.

“Obviously we are in a complicated situation”, explained Jorge Martinez. “There is a three year contract”, he continued, remarking that for him it was still valid. “After our first season last year their feedback was positive and there was no other talking than continuing. In fact, in our contract there is a clause, which says that any change in the signed agreement has to me notified in September. On the contrary the removal is automatic”.

The story between Team Aspar and his Malaysian energy sponsor started to skew when the established February payment was delayed. After insisting on it, finally Team Aspar received Drive’s notification of quitting. “Sincerely we don’t know what’s behind this decision. Now the matter is in the hands of a Malaysian law firm and there is not more to let the justice work”.

And now? What does all this mean for the Team Aspar MotoGP project? How will it affect Nicky Hayden? “There is not much I can do on it”, has Nicky Hayden explained Sport Rider in Qatar. “The team is working on finding a solution, what means a new sponsor. For me nothing has changed, my task is still work to get the best possible results, and I am on it”.

Aspar, Jorge Martinez’ nickname, showed quiet confidence, ensuring he is working on two possible sponsors capable to cover de 2 million per season “hole” Drive’s decision has caused. “The negotiations are running quiet well and I expect to be able to announce something in two weeks time during the Texan GP in Austin”.

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2 responses to “Alarm in Nicky Hayden’s team: sponsor quit unexpectedly”

  1. Ariel says :

    Difficult time for Nicky…
    Considering his act as Successfull Ducati Ambassador in the past year, especially in US Market


  2. goozir says :

    so sorry to hear that… i hope run done
    KTM unveils Duke 250 and RC 250


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